Mega Volume

Things are changing in the lash world folks!  For yeeearrrsss we had clients ask for more, darker, fuller.  Us lash artists would max out the clients lashes with as many classic lashes as we possibly could, only to hear the client ask for yet more.  Until now, achieving that dark dramatic look was illusive, the things made of lash artists dreams, a hope, a wish.  In enter Mega Volume.  Mega Volume is an advanced lashing technique where the technician places a fan of 10-15 wispy thin extensions on one natural eyelash.  These extensions are so fine they don't even register on the scale!  That, my friend, is how we apply so many to one natural lash without it being damaged. Finally!  A lash which delivers the eyeliner look without compromising the real lash integrity!  Ahhhh, dreams really do come true . . . 



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