After Care Instructions

Your single-strand eyelash extensions need minimal care and will easily adapt to your lifestyle.  They are resilient to water, perspiration, and tears as well as swimming, showering, and sports.  In order to maximize the lifespan of your single-strand eyelash extensions, we recommend that:

After your fill-in today

Gently and thoroughly wash extensions with baby shampoo and water.

Throughout the duration of your lashes, avoid:

  • All mascara, unless it's extension safe (you can use regular mascara on your bottom lashes, but avoid waterproof mascara).  If you would like to wear mascara on your extensions, we carry extension safe mascara.
  • Applying oil-based makeup, creams, and cleansers to your eye area
  • Sleeping on lashes (try using a silk or satin pillowcase if this cannot be avoided)
  • Rubbing, pulling, playing with, or curling lashes
  • Repeated use of sauna and steam room

After Care Products

Mascara $42

This mascara is specially formulated for the use of eyelash extensions.  It is water soluble, botanical based mascara that is safe for eyelash extensions.      

Protective Coating  $32 Black / $48.99 Clear

Extends the life of lash extensions.  Lashes will stay on up to 50% longer with continuous use of protective coating.  Applications every day or every other day will cut back on how often you need to go in for fills. 

After Care Kit  $70.00   

Comes with mascara, protective coating, and mascara wand.      

Glideliner $33.50